Childrens books, the iPad and kindle

I was thinking a lot about how to revolutionize the childrens reading experience a while ago. Now that I have had that simmering in my head for a while I think it’s time for me to blurt it all out here.

Young children sees the book more as an object then a bearer of information. My kids have had books to eat, bath with, draw in and sometimes tear apart. That is ok, when you’re young you need to experiment on these things. The bathing book was one made in plastic. For these youngsters, a iPad/kindle is not a device. Nor is a special made military grade waterproof children’s device that either. Probably to expensive, and it wont replace the device anyways.

pre-school and young school children. They can already take care of such a device, my kids love to play with my iPad, byt they really dont care about reading books on it. there are so much else to do on it.

A few still open questions, if an iPad is among the first reading experiences a child has, is he bookshelf and paper peel effect good design/usability?

I’ll stop rambling, my pinkeye hurt’s me.

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