How to attract guys

I have here a formula for you to attract male’s (if you are at all interested in this).
I’ve accidentally ran across this formula by accident, and since I don’t really feel like attracting guy’s I’m sharing this with you.

Step 1:
Go to a public place, or a place with many people. This can be an airplane, airport, train, train station, bus, pub, restaurant, hospital waiting room, wherever there is more then 0 persons really.

Step 2:
Take out your iPad, and start using it for _whatever_

Step 3:
Let them come to you, because they will come. Especially if you live in a country where they are not released yet. Like in Sweden, where I live.

Step 4:
Let them touch it, feel it, and somehow they feel obliged to small talk to you.

Step 5: profit (if you are in to that sort of thing)

If you like this small how-to and find the soul mate of your life, please invite me to your wedding/partner registration ceremony!

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