Using processing to render knobs version 1.

As you may all know I have made a few VST’s, they are down-loadable over at Since I’m no draw in painting program guru I’ve struggled with cooperating with graphic artists and trying to do stuff myself. I’ve actually done the latest of the graphics programatically using processing and I’d thought I’d share. Both since it’s pretty nifty and since I’ve lost the source code myself due to keeping it in strange places.

First Version I use is based on images, I take a background image and a handle image and rotate the handle round. What’s not shown in this example is that you can add flares and shadows and stuff like that and rotate them in other ways using transparency to achieve even nicer results.

+=    when you only have 20 steps. I could post a 200 step version but that would prove nothing.

The processing sketch for this is here :

More to come

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