CNC plotter style

So, another day, another CNC-post.
today I’m gonna post my “plotter” processing script.
It takes an image and makes lines where the color is black, and nothing for the rest.

To illustrate this I have a picture of Frank from Donnie Darko.

Scary as always 🙂 After a lite “shopping” he looks like this:
much easier for the processing script to make lines of. Speaking of witch, this is the preview from my processing script:

Here is the script: CNC_Plotter.pde in case you want to generate your own gcode to run on your own CNC machine. Awesome right.

Yes, this post is very similar to

Anyways here is the final result. Made with an engraver bit on plywood I’m not going deep enough to get to the next layer. No inception style stuff here at all!

Here is the output, minus lacquer and with a Swedish 1 krona for size reference!

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