The latest news

Is that we had a break-in wednesday. They stole a whole bunch of things, including my mac.
They missed the one that I had backupstuff on, sadly I had not backupped a lot of things.

This is what I miss the most:
Pictures had movies I had taken with the phone and the camera. Especially one image where a monkey tried to steal the phone. It was awesome.
Most songs I’ve made over the last couple of years (I have some backed up)
Almost all coding projects I’ve done recently (except the ones I shared on internet)
Almost all of the source.
A few new VST’s
A whole bunch of other stuff.

Kid’s remember to backup, you never know when some fucktard is going to steal your hardware, at-least you get to keep your data.

2 thoughts on “The latest news

  1. Men fy fan vad sugigt. Var det fler hus i området som oxå blev drabbade?
    Jag hoppas verkligen att de får igång den så att find my mac kan användas. Tyvärr så kanske det inte kommer vara tjuvarna som har den då. Lär väl vara ngn som vill kränga för att få pengar till knark.

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