Listening to new music every-day.

When I was a teenager I read or got told that your music taste stagnates when you reach 22. That is, you wont listen to anything new, atleast not anything in a new genre when you grow older.

This scared the shit out of me and I promised myself that that would never happen to me.

It hasn’t, but I wonder if it is because of this fear that has made me expand my views or if it is because even though the genres are the same, it is the same type of music I listen to?

Don’t get me wrong, I used to listen to blackmetal and the likes, now I’ve been into breakcore for a while with small doses of grindcore to supply my appetite in distorted guitars.  And I listen to brand new music on my way back and forth to work. I’ve been streamripping from for a long time so I have a lot of music that is totally new to me. And I have like 2h of traveltime every workday.  While that radiostation isnt as rigid in it’s specification of breakcore (but there are some noice, gabba, digital destruction,  booty bass etc) I have a feeling that there is something in common with all the genres and music I like. I have a feeling that there is nothing new, just disguised in different ways, and that I have not moved a bit forward at all since I was a headbanging teenager.

How about that?  Wouldn’t it have been awesome if Pandora could have told me what tag’s I have been listening to over the years and try to get a fix on my taste?

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