Delayed start of wash

I think about usability and features a lot, or rather, I think about how to make things better. Features and usability just sort of follows there. One nut I have not been able to crack is my new dishwashers delayed start feature.

That’s right, you can tell the dishwasher to wait for 3,6,9 or 12 hours before it starts it’s washing cycle.

Now who would find this useful?
* Someone that wants to wake up to the nice smell of newly dished cups?
* Someone that wants to load the machine and have it running when not at home? But then, why not just start the machine and step outside? Or just press the “go” button when walking out the door?
* Someone that wants to get warm plates at the exact time s/he get’s home with the takeout food?

And wouldn’t each of these use cases be solvable with a timer?

If anyone has a good idea about what this might be fore, please tell me, I just can’t crack why this is useful.

One thought on “Delayed start of wash

  1. Beroende på elavtal kan det vara billigare att diska vissa timmar på dygnet, t.ex. på natten.

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