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I ordered a small camera to mount on my longboard (since my last test proved awesome for keytarring but not for filming skateboards). That camera was ordered some weeks ago and have still not arrived (guess I’ll have to talk to paypal about that). So I went out and bought a Contour HD 1080.

The camera is cheaper then the GoPro but has fisheye and about the same specs. I really liked the connectors and the 720p in 60fps option. I’m falling in love with HD-movie, dont know how that happened. A few reviews I’ve read holds the Contour as the better camera, and a few the GoPro. The Contour was available when I had the itch so I got that.

The program that comes with … well, it’s not good. Let’s just leave it at that. It’s way WAY more limited then iMovie. huhuuhhh. Thankfully you get the camera as a removable drive so it’s up to you to use whatever program you like.

There comes two connectors with, one to tape stuck on to something, and one to put on your ski-glasses. I tried both on the longboard. At first both acted a bit flimsy, and liked to drop the camera. Really not ok. So even after drilling holes and securing the base the camera was dropped of. It’s a special feeling dragging a brand new camera on the concrete after your longboard. And what ever I tried it did not help, it still fell off. Enter overkill. So I stuck it on there really really hard. That resulted in really shaky videos and that the memory-card lost connection with the camera and then spazzing out and stop recording.

My solution to this was to go get some real super grade Velcro. I mean the new kind where there is only one type of connector. It worked great, the shakes are tolerable and the camera very seldom falls off.

What would a camera review be without some sort of video? lame!

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