Payback of being nice to random strangers on teh internets.

Two or three years ago when I  just made my moanonme device and it got loads of attention I recieved a strange email with the title “LED project for you?”. This was a guy from Australia living in England that wanted to do some lead stuff for his band. Se his band was just 2 persons (Bass and Guitar) and a drum machine. And he wanted to make the drums to be a larger part of their stage presence by blinking with VU-meters.

Since Aaron turned out to be really nice in his emails and I really did not have to do more then think of solutions to his problem I was helped out as good as I could. We threw a few ideas back and forth, and I think it was mine that he finally made.

Often when you do this kind of thing, nothing happens afterward. I’ve helped people with “personal art projects”, coding, electronics, input on music, etc etc. Often this does not amount to anything. Nothing is produced and there is nothing to show. This is ok, not every project succeds. Failing and or abandoning them is also ok.

I emailed Aaron once half a year after he told me he was finished asking for a video or image, he didn’t have one (yet), and I forgot all about it until the Sunday before last when he sent me an email. It had the same title, so he obviously replied to our old thread, I had to dig into memory (and look into the old discussion in the email) to remember what it was all about. The first sentences of the email was Aaron telling me that he hadn’t have had the time to film the device yet.

BUT they where going to play in Malmö Tuesday night and if I lived there he would put me on the guest list and I could check it out for myself. I work in Malmö, so I told him that I would be there. Tuesday came along and I went to see Civil Civic and the device I helped engineer. It was awesome. The music was great, chatting with Aaron afterward was also great.

Best of all was the feeling I had, sometimes helping ppl on the internet pays of, and when it does it’s a great feeling.

So go check out Civil Civic if you have a chance, at least on the internets, maybe there will be a video of the device sometimes. I took some pictures, but I like the elusive feel of it not being documented or put on the net.

4 thoughts on “Payback of being nice to random strangers on teh internets.

  1. Cheers Johan!

    It was great luck that you could come to the show. I had no idea where you lived and we only had one show to play.

    We do still plan to video the lights, I will be sure to let you know.


  2. ack you should have told me, they have a pretty nice sound and i miss you Larry!

  3. Hej Johan,

    As you saw, the LED drummer is central to our performance, so thankyou, and I’m glad it gave you some satisfaction to see those big blinking lights on-stage at Debaser.

    I think all we need for a video element is to have the LEDs projected on a big screen behind us. So simple, so AWESOME.

  4. Aaron, I’ll email you soon!

    Petter, lunch this week?

    Ben, keep being aweseome!

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