Crush it!, a review

Crush it! is a book written by Gary Vaynerchuk, it’s all about how you should change your life and get rich with the use of social media. you know, like writing a blog, being on Facebook/twitter/myspace etc etc (having fanpages and the such). Some of the thing’s he say are direct opposite of 4 hour workweek (witch i reviewed before). Gary thinks that if you only do a lot of what your passion is, you’ll eventually get rich. Building content is king in his book. It’s a fairly quick read, the book, and it’s full of very macho language “DO IT, DO IT NOW” . I found that rather amusing. Anyways, It got me started making the i_am_larsulrich twitterbot so that was a good thing. The second good thing about it was me getting to know about services that takes your video and uploads them to every videosite there is. Hooray!

It’s an entertaining read, but it does not make you think on how you are living your life, no introspection for me there!

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