Dropboxing for fun and profit

Dropbox is the shizzniz!

For those of you that dont know what it is, it’s a virtual drive on the internet that syncs stuff between your computers, and or other ppls computers depending on your settings!

I use it for like, if I find a new Linux distribution torrent at work, I can download that Linux distributions torrent file to my shared dropbox folder called “torrents”. Then microtorrent at my server mac at home (with the raided disk’s and all) finds it and downloads it. With a little luck I have a new Linux distribution to try out when I get home from work.

I also use it for a little project a friend of mine and I are doing. A development folder where everything is shared. It’s like source control only easier. (and it takes some time to synchronize, but we’re not in a hurry!)

The first 2 gigs are free, but if you invite someone you get 250 megs more. All the links in this blogpost are invites from me.

One thought on “Dropboxing for fun and profit

  1. So, you seem to be all about Linux distributions. Are there any specific Linux distributions that you’d recommend. I’m really in the mood for trying out some new Linux distributions.

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