For my next project, a digital typewriter

I’ve been thinking about this writing thing. I do enjoy it, but I get sidetracked a lot when on the computer. I edit things, I do other things, I reply to an email and what not. So I wanted to try some offline writing. A pen is great, but it’s hard to get into the computer later.

Existing stuff

Freewrite is a device that solves it. It’s a digital typewriter t hat you can only write on. Not edit, just write. And it synchs to the cloud, so you can edit later. It’s expensive though. Then there is the Lisperati1000 that looks just as good, maybe even better. But it is not in production yet. Same goes for the clockwork devterm.

And it looks like none of the supports the åäö I like to use when writing Swedish.

The solution?

Making my own of course. I will borrow aesthetics from ivie PC-40, that small old Toshiba laptop. typewriters. Moog synths. for hardware I will use a mechanical keyboard, a raspberry pi zero, an e-ink screen and a battery pack. The body will be made out of wood. There will just be a long text document on the e-ink screen. And it will be synched either automatically via wi-fi (to my home network or a shared from my phone) or when I write “SYNCH” or something similar. That’s it. That is really it. I think there will be some challenges in regards to getting stuff onto the e-ink screen. But it probably wont be that difficult. <— last words 🙂

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