I want a drone-machine. You know something for creating rich drones. and by rich I mean distorted and noisy. http://casperelectronics.com/finished-pieces/drone-lab/drone-lab-v2/ might be one of the nicest sofar, and I think I’ll get me one of these. I just have to sell the Roland SP-404 first.

In the mean-time I’ll design and build one myself. Perhaps that will be good enough for me, although the casperelectronics one has some real nice features I wont be able to do.

So I’m thinking using one Arduino, with a DAC out, a resistor ladder DAC, building on an experiment I did a while ago. With some nice waveforms, and analog pot’s to control the drones. Then maybe I’ll build a few distortions to hook into the audio-path. And perhaps … something more. Now where did I my resistor ladder code.

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