Cow in a can, my entry in the Renoise-compo.

Create Digital Music, a blog about creating digital music, or at least the digital creation of music is co-hosting a music-comp. For more information on the compo please go here or read my short explanation below.

Anyways, you can win a Linux music production studio configured MSI Wind with the music program Renoise on it, and that being the whole mood for the competition you should make a CPU light song in Renoise and apply a license to it that is fairly open.

Me being who I am had to enter. Not that I’m in it to win the computer, nor a Renoise license because I’m perfectly happy with my Mac and I already own a Renoise license. So why then? because it’s fun, and I should really start using Renoise now that I bought it.

The result is “Cow in a can”

cow in a can

As a little disclaimer I want to state that I’m not Australian and I don’t want to mock any Australians. Speaking with an Australian accent seemed to be a good idea at the moment.

Here’s an mp3 of the song: Cow in a can.mp3

And here is the Renoise source file: cow in a can.rns

And if you’re interested in the lyrics, it’s here:

For my 4th birthday I got a cow.
I was very surprised.

First It was small, then it grew.

We had to move her to my uncle’s farm.
There she lived in a barn.

I used to visit her on the holidays.
That was nice.

She really helped me through puberty.
And the occasional breakup.

She became both a mother and a grandmother.

Then one day she had to go.
She had to go where old cows go.

To the slaughterhouse.

I have enjoyed her for many dinners now.

But the freezer broke a while back.

So all I have left of her is in this can of formaldehyde.

This can of cow.

My cow, my friend, I keep you close to my heart.

My cow in a can.

On the green fields in heaven we will be together again.

Creative Commons License
Cow in a can by Johan Larsby is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

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