,---.         |     |         o
|---',---.,---|,---.|--- ,---..,---.,---.
|  \ |---'|   |`---.|    |    ||   ||   |
`   ``---'`---'`---'`---'`    ``   '`---|


This is how it looks and this is how it sounds

Yeah, uhhm, I wanted a little guitarish thing to play powerchords on.
You know to bring to festivals and impress girls and all that.
Something that is easily connected to my little amplifier, that I
made from an old mc-player, follow this link to check it out.

Anyways, I built this using an ukulele as size-model.
Ukulele strings, if you buy a 4 pack of ukulelestrings I used the fattest
next fattest and the thinnest.
I’ve tuned them to C, E, C (one octave higher) to play them powerchords.
I did not frett it, just drew with a pen on, if you want to fret it best
use a chromatic tuner for to find the sweetspots on the neck.
The tuning pegs are from a cheapo kids acoustic guitar, cheap but working.
A large pice of metal (actually a bbq pin) is bent to hold the strings down.
A pice of square metal is used as to lay the strings on.
Same pice of bbq stick is used to rest the strings at on the end of the
string instrument.
The pickups are piezo discs connected in serial to increase the volume.
And the jack is a standard guitarjack.

Top View


Dont do mistakes, then you have to glue stuf together.

Side of head.

Back of head.

The jack from behind.
Forgot to take a closeup photo of the unpainted front, sorry.

A bunch of tips:
* Pizeo tutorial at Erinys superb how-to
* Get the tuning pegs first, and measure everything, otherwise you will end up with
a few more holes then expected (as I did)
* You can use metallic strings, but that its not needed with piezos.
* Try different placements on the picups before attatching them (you can alter the
sound pruduced radically, I went four loud volume though)
* Have fun.

And Finally some pictures of me rocking out on it.

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