In southern Sweden there is a bizarre tradition around eastern. There is something called the art-round. Where artists open their homes and studios to the public. Mostly these are painters, glass-fusing, clay forming middle to old-aged women without talent.

My wife love’s going on these tours, mostly because it boost’s her self-esteem when she could art the shit out of most of the art we see. And secondly because when you find something nice, it’s nice.

Today me the wife, the kids and my wife’s mum where out looking at art. Among the masses of crap, there was a few very nice paintings.

Also, there was a video-installation at this one place, the photos where bad and the projector they ran it on had either 8 or 16 bit color resolution, so the gradients where bad. But they had drone music to it. And that drone was awesome.

At another place, there was a bagpipe, and my wife easily found the guy who played it (he was the one painting the water-color-paintings at the place) and she asked him if he could play, and he almost ran to the instrument to play some for us.

Bagpipes are loud, it was awesome.

I also fond ecological kimchi close to the bagpiper, and I bought it. But I haven’t yet eaten it.

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