Digital rust, creating a feedback-loop to destroy audio.

So I was not at ease after creating Decompression glitches for sound generation but needed to explore this more. I was thinking that if you could feed the glitched sample back into the algorithm over and over again it could create something nice. something noisy, something full of love. So I did do the necessary changes after the perfect phrase had come to me during almost throwing up while taking the train home from work. You see, I think I had some sort of food poisoning, but the whole time I was thinking left,right,fight out loud in my head, with the sound coming from first left, then right, then both, but overdubbed. So naturally I had to use that for the digital rust test you are about to hear. So without further ramblings here it is in it’s shiny mp3 form.

digital rust example – Left Right FIGHT

3 thoughts on “Digital rust, creating a feedback-loop to destroy audio.

  1. thank you, I think you might be able to do something nice out of this.

    Perhaps an installation or similar.

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