Experimentation with shitwave

Last week, or if it was the week before I signed up at 8bitcollective, a site for fans of chipmusic and 8bit aesthetics in general. I was doing this while I was having a little Nintendo revival at home, trying to get the Game Boy Advance up and running and trying out LSDJ. In that process I found a little game boy program called Shitwave. it’s written by Nitro2k01 over at http://gameboygenius.8bitcollective.com/wordpress/ .I found this to be really interesting and I’ve wanted to do some noise music for a while, so I had a stab with Shitwave as sound source. I also used a boss betal distortion and a danelectro fab echo that I have previously circuit bent.

here’s a video, enjoy!

also you could go browse it over at 8bit collective: http://8bitcollective.com/music/larsby/Shift+8bit+noize/ There’s also an mp3 for you to download if you need a new ring tone for your mobile!

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