Binaural beats and Atari Punk Console followup

Long-time reader of this blog may remember me having an idea of creating a binaural beat generator based on 2 APC. real all about it here

Well so, I made it. I was going to make a few APC’s anyway so I might as well test the idea.  I used so I could try and make a stripboard.

So yeah, the pot’s have a little bit of a glitch in them, kinda ruins the experience, and that is why I had to edit the video so hard.

Listen to it in headphones and tell me you don’t get dizzy.

Here’s a zipped wav-file in case youtube doesn’t do stereo properly. binauralbeatAPC.wav

If you want to make one yourself do 2 of the above APC, connect the pot’s to stereo versions of it. On of the cables between the pot’s add a new 10k pot between. Also if you don’t connect the batteries at the exact same time you will get strange phase’s. Very nice!

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