Music I did ages ago: The Ost

About fourhundred years ago, when I was still living in Lund with a girlfriend instead of a wife. I used a music program called Buzz. I made loads and loads and loads of songs in it. Everything really was in my fingers in that program. It’s a long time abandoned from me though. I thought I should try and make a few songs that fitted together in a way bigger then that you could just hear that they where made by me. That was the birth of “The Ost”. You see, there are many Swedish puns available to that name. And I really cant remember if I made the album just so that I could use those puns excessively or the other way around.

I made a few songs, removed the ones that did not make the cut. I made album art and I did one t-shirt with the logo on. I also sent the CD to ten or fifteen labels. Using the pun excessively in the English companion-letter that I sent with. You see ost in Swedish is cheese. And record and slice is the same word. You are intelligent ppl, you already figured out a lot of those puns by now.

I received exactly zero replies on that CD I sent to the record labels. This where for the most non-Swedish companies. But anyways. I listen to the songs from time to time and I still like them so they are good to me.

here they are:

A - The Ost
E - The Ost
G - The Ost
H - The Ost

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