That VST idea I had

Do you remember this VST idea I had ? Well I tried it out. Not fully, but close enough.
In Ableton Live I added a beat, then I recorded midi of me banging to it in different variations. Then I put that through the Live randomizer and then the scale plugin. The scale plugin was fixed so that notes could not clash with each other. Then I recorded the output of that midi data into a few tracks with softsynths. It sounds pretty art musicy, but still good. I wonder if I should program the VST or just wait for max 4 Live.

Anyways here is the mp3 you’ve been waiting for: testing the melody generation idea

Idea for a new VST, a little helper for creating melodies.

Yes yes yo.

I had  this idea when traveling to work. The train was super crowded and that got me thinking of circuit bending. A lot of the devices I’ve bent have a “press only one key to play a melody that you probably heard a gazillion times before”  that combined with me reading up on Arnold Schoenberg’s 12 tone matrix melody composer thing gave me a new idea! What if you could type in a couple of notes that you know are in a good scale, or fits your mood. Then press a key on your keyboard or similar to add play these in order. And if you make the VST output MIDI then you could connect it to any VSTi and have it play the sound’s of your liking. You could even record the output and edit it. I was thinking that this would be a nice little tool for creating melodies (which I suck at programming in) but editing or fiddling them out is much easier for me.

Perhaps I’ll do this and put it up on one of these days, it will mostly be UI work though, which I find a bit tedious to program in VST GUI.  Thought’s ideas suggestions are welcome.  Name suggestions also.